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We are a Central London based console repair store specialising in all types of PlayStation 4 repairs and PS4 repairs. At Creative IT, we offer quick and affordable Sony PlayStation 4 console repair services. We specialise in fixing out of order PlayStation 4 video game consoles across London and we are dedicated to helping our customers solve their problems. We know how significant your PS4 game console is to you. That is why we offer a same day professional and reliable PlayStation repair service to return your console back in proper functioning condition.

Same Day London PlayStation 4 Repairs

London PlayStation 4 Repair

Our London PlayStation 4 repair services include troubleshooting and fixing common symptoms or problems including PS4 blinking blue light of death (BLOD), PlayStation 4 red line of death (RLOD), no power / console isn’t turning on, broken HDMI ports, overheating, PS4 hard drive failure, noisy hard drive, broken or cracked case, console not reading games or movies, stuck disc, PS4 not recognising discs, PS4 ejects discs unexpectedly, laser / Blu-ray drive fault, PS4 error codes, jammed disc drive, PlayStation 4 freezing and shuts off, unable to eject discs, faulty HDMI cables, hard disk drive (HDD) not recognised, black screen, no audio or video output, PS4 randomly shutting down / console turning off, network connectivity issues, problems with DualShock 4 controller, PS4 Camera problems and power issues.

  • PS4 Blue Light of Death (BLOD) Repair
  • PS4 Red Light of Death (RLOD) Repair
  • PS4 Motherboard Repair
  • PS4 Hard Disc Drive Upgrade
  • PS4 HDMI Port Repair / Replacement
  • PS4 Drive Repair / Replacement
  • PS4 Fan Repair / Replacement
  • PS4 Blu-ray Laser Repair / Replacement

Professional Mail in Sony PS4 Repair Services

In most of the cases, our experienced technicians can successfully identify and resolve hardware and software faults the same day. Our state of the art service centre has advanced repair equipment and we also maintain a good inventory of parts to offer quick turnaround services for clients in London. All our Sony PlayStation 4 repairs / PS4 repairs come with a 90 day warranty.

Call 020 7237 6805 or request a free London PlayStation 4 repair quote online. At Creative IT, customers will not only get hold of great prices for London PS4 repairs, but will also get outstanding customer service.

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